Qonto updates
Qonto updates

🎳 Manage all your SEPA direct debits in one place!





Hey Qonto-ers!

This one is a big one! You can now set up B2B SEPA direct debits and manage all your direct debits directly from Qonto! This is one step further to become THE banking alternative for all SMEs, and to manage your finance workflows in an efficient and modern way 🙃!

The Transfer section becomes the Payments section!

The Payments section allows you to manage all your SEPA transactions in one place. It is composed by 3 tabs:

  • Transfers: wire money as you always have been :)
  • SEPA Mandates: manage all your SEPA direct debit mandates which do not require any action on your side. If you want to speak technical, they are called "SEPA CORE" and are most commonly used (for instance for your utility or telephone payment).
  • B2B SEPA Mandates: manage all your B2B SEPA direct debit mandates, commonly used by public instances such as Trésor Public or DGFIP (VAT collection). They require some actions from you. Read below :)

What is a SEPA B2B direct debit?

Qonto SDD.png

B2B SEPA direct debit, also called B2B SDD or SEPA B2B, is a form of direct debit commonly used by businesses. It allows to pay an invoice in euros, one time or on a recurring basis, without a maximum amount, to a creditor in the SEPA zone. Unlike for SEPA CORE, SEPA B2B requires the payer to send the debit mandate signed to the bank.

You got it: it's pretty handy that we now offer this possibility if you use Qonto as your main banking solution!

How to set-up a B2B direct debit?

To set up a B2B direct debit, you need to provide a scanned version of your signed mandate. This mandate is provided by your creditor.


  1. Go to the Payments section of the App's left navigation bar and click on the third tab "B2B SEPA Mandates"
  2. Click on the round button icon
  3. Upload a scan of your signed mandate and input
  4. Fill the form with the information present on the mandate

One last thing

Only new SEPA direct debits will be prompted in this section. Previous ones will be shown only when a new payment (from a recurring direct debits - that you can see in the History section) occurs. We will improve that shortly :)

As usual, your feedback is very important to us. Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] to follow-up!

Sayonara! ⭐️