Qonto updates
Qonto updates

🔔 Announcing check deposit on Qonto





Many of you have asked us about check deposits on Qonto in the past. After a few months of hard work and beta testing within our community, you’re finally able to deposit checks as part of your business. 🤗


Even though the feature is now available, please notice that our philosophy has not changed. We consider checks to become more and more extinct in the near future. This feature shall be used as an exceptional solution for you, in case your customers have no other available payment option. 💸

For more traceability and security, fill in the check information (check issuer, amount, check number, date of issue) by accessing the App “Check Deposit“ section on a desktop.

Send us your check by mail within a week to the address that appears on your screen. Please be aware of the delay resulting from postal mailings. If we do not receive the check in time, we won’t be able to register the transaction.

Check deposits come with heavy manual processing costs to register the transaction and avoid fraud. Therefore, specific conditions apply to this feature:

  • the amount will appear on your account 15 working days after we’ve received the check by mail. This delay is due to the heavy manual processing to register the transaction and to avoid fraud,

  • checks must be made payable to the legal company name,

  • the amount collected by check cannot exceed €10.000 per month, within the limit of €5.000 per single check,

  • depending on your plan, additional fees may apply.

You're looking for a more efficient payment method? Transfers offer more advantages in terms of security and are free. 👌

Don’t hesitate to give us feedback on [email protected] 💌

Qonto Team