Qonto updates
Qonto updates

⚡ With Flash cards, take care of your teams' one-off expenses!

For any business trip, client lunch or equipment purchase, create a dedicated, temporary Flash card. You give autonomy while keeping budgets under control.

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Create a Flash card each time a team member needs to make a one-off expense. Flash cards are custom, temporary virtual cards.

😎 How does it work?

  1. Any time an employee has a purchase to make or a business trip to organize, they can explain the use case including the amount and period of use required.
  2. From the Cards section, you create a new, unique card by choosing Flash card. Set the payment limit and the final day of use. The Flash card is immediately available in the employee's Qonto account, under their Cards section.
  3. Your employee can pay online or offline (with Apple Pay or Google Pay). No need to manage it after the expense(s), the Flash card automatically expires at the date set.

👉 To know more, discover our FAQ about Flash cards.


The Qonto team

Flash cards are available with the Advanced, Business and Enterprise plans.