Qonto updates
Qonto updates

⚡️Receive payments instantly

You can now receive instant SEPA transfers! Access your funds in 10 seconds, any time even on the weekend, and securely. And it's free.

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As the name suggests, an instant SEPA transfer is executed much faster than a standard transfer. When a customer pays you, for example, you see the money in your account in 10 seconds, as long as the transfer takes place within the SEPA zone (which differs from the European zone), and the amount does not exceed 100,000 euros. And above all, this method of transferring funds works every day, at any time, even on public holidays!

In addition to being able to be paid in the blink of an eye, incoming instant SEPA transfers (i.e. you are the recipient) allow you to transfer funds from any other bank account to your Qonto account in a flash - especially handy if you need to quickly top up your account.

And in case you want to open a new Qonto account, you'll be able to take advantage of it even faster than before.

🤓 How does it work?

Nothing changes on your Qonto app, since here we're talking about receiving transfers. The only thing we encourage you to do is to tell your customers and partners that they can now make instant transfers to your Qonto account details.

You may be wondering about outgoing instant SEPA transfers? They're coming too!

Happy New Year, all the best for your business and personal success.

See you soon,

Your Qonto team

The feature is available for all plans.