Qonto updates
Qonto updates

💡 Open temporary multi-accounts for your projects

Have you heard of multi-accounts? With their own unique IBAN, these accounts help you keep your expenditures and activities separate or even assign budgets to your teams.


Until recently, these multi-accounts were permanent. Now, you can create a temporary account in just a few clicks and close it just as quickly when you no longer have a use for it.

How can this help you in practical terms? If you are launching a major project in the coming months, create an account specially for this operation and keep it separate from the rest of your activity. Allocate a budget for the project, monitor its expenses or even provide your project team members with payment cards associated with the account. Once the project is complete, simply close the account (and do it all again for your next big undertaking)!

🤓 How does it work?

If you have a Standard or Premium account, simply go to the Accounts section of your app and click on Create new account. That’s it; you can start using it immediately! For example, you can order cards or deposit money into the account.

When you no longer have any use for the account, go back to your Accounts section, open the menu for the account and click on Delete.

Do you have a Solo account but still want to separate your expenses? There’s no denying it: multi-accounts are the best solution. Switch to a Standard or Premium account to access this feature. You won’t regret it!

Available on Standard and Premium plans, for Account Holders and Admins.