Qonto updates
Qonto updates

Identify business opportunities with the new dashboard filters

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Looking to identify your best customers per industry, or even country, so you can go after prospects with similar profiles? Build in-depth analysis of your transaction types in just a few clicks. With your dashboard’s new filters, the most important information is accessible at a glance.

🤓 How does it work?

Filters work for the Inflows, Outflows, Inflows by and Outflows by charts. They follow the same logic as your transaction history filters.

  • For each one, click on the small gray filter icon at the top right of their section.
  • Select and link the criteria you want to associate or compare, depending on the question you have. To compare customers from the same industry, in order to know which one brings you the most money in the car industry for example, you will use the criteria "source", and "industry", in case you have created the latter via a custom label.
  • Click on Apply
  • Analyze and act

Need a concrete and detailed example? Go to our dedicated FAQ page.

Take matters into your own hands and discover new business and cost reduction opportunities!

Available for Solo Smart, Solo Premium, Team Business, Team Enterprise, for Owners, Admins and Accountants. Accessible from the web interface.