Qonto updates
Qonto updates

Effortlessly manage your cash flows

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The idea of monitoring your cash flow making you nervous? Don’t panic, your new Qonto Dashboard will help you manage your business, whatever your level of business finance. Compare your expenses over a given period, size your dependence on a particular client, confirm that you didn't miss any cash flows last month and more!

Save time thanks to simple and customizable charts, allowing you to identify any financial events at a glance. Rest reassured as you can access a clear and updated vision of your cash flows in real time, at any time.

🤓 How does it work?

In your web app, click on Dashboard, in the Advanced section of the menu, on the left hand side of your screen.

Learn more in the dedicated section of our FAQ.

The mobile version is coming soon!

The dashboard is available for all plans, for Owners, Admins, and is visible to Accountants.