Qonto updates
Qonto updates

🚀 Edit VAT and labels of your beneficiaries while sending a transfer

No more retroactive, manual work on each transfer made. In the case of a new beneficiary, or one that's not configured yet, you can populate the VAT and labels on your own on the transfer creation page. If your beneficiary already has a VAT rate and labels registered, the fields are pre-filled.

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As a reminder, you can program the VAT rate and labels for each of your beneficiaries (aka suppliers). Once they are set up, you will find these pre-filled characteristics in the transfer creation window when you make the transfer.

🤓 How does it work?

If not pre-filled at the bottom of the transfer page, simply fill in the supplier info in the dedicated fields.

To auto-fill next time, add your suppliers' information by going to Bookkeeping, then click on Suppliers. This is where you can add labels and associated VAT rate per supplier.

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Accessible for all plans except Solo Basic, for Admins and Account Owners