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Qonto updates

Delegate transfers without worrying about overspend

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Making transfers, adding supporting documents, checking your team’s requests…want to save precious time on these manual tasks? Delegate transfers to your teams leaders and most trusted employees, securely, thanks to customizable limits.

Set limits on the transfers your Managers can make and approve, per transaction and per month. Exceptional expense? Back to you for review and validation. Personalize their limits and permissions so that you can give autonomy to your Managers, with complete peace of mind.

🤓 How does it work?

Go to the Teams expenses section of your web interface, then go to the Team members tab:

  • Select a member to set his/her limits, or click on Invite a team member
  • Assign a Manager role to this member, if not already done, and activate the “Make transfers and review transfer requests” permission
  • Set the member’s limits, per transfer and per month

The Manager role and customizable limits and permissions are only available for Business and Enterprise plans.

See you soon,

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