Qonto updates
Qonto updates

🔌 Connect your finances to more than 2,000 apps with Zapier and Integromat





The Connect family is growing! Meet Zapier and Integromat, two new integrations that automate your business processes in just a few clicks. They’re a real time saver!

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✌️ Two integrations, two levels

Both of these integrations will make your life much easier; you'll see. You're going to love them so much that we think a little introduction is in order. Actually, they are not complete strangers to you.

You already have the option of connecting your Qonto account to Zapier and Integromat. Today, however, we have added multiple Qonto events to offer you as many automation scenarios as possible.

Is automation still new to you? 🐣 Let Zapier and its 2,000 apps be your guide. The good news? There's no need to ask your Tech team or developer friend for help.

Already an automation pro? 🦅 Then Integromat is by far the best option for you! Access over 500 apps to take your business process automation to the next level.

🤖 Automate your business processes, no coding expertise required

Yes, it's possible. In fact, the list of possibilities is endless.

Send e-mails to your CFO when a transaction exceeds the alert threshold, centralize all of your receipts in your Drive in real-time, receive weekly summaries of your latest Uber routes, send automatic reminders to your team, and much more.

Anyway, you get the picture: there's no shortage of tasks to be automated. Now it's up to you. 💪 We're counting on your creativity, so feel free to share all of your ideas with us!

🤯 How does it work?

"Is it really that easy to set up?"

It's a piece of cake, we promise! In just a few clicks, your Qonto account is connected to Zapier or Integromat. No need to panic or pull out your hair. See for yourself:

  1. Log in to your Zapier or Integromat account. So far so good.

  2. Select your preferred app. Easy peasy, it's us!

  3. Enter your Qonto login information, select the name of your organization and authorize the access. Again, easy.

So, how was it? Easy, right? 😇

We are just itching to know which apps you plan to connect to your Qonto account! Tell us everything via [email protected]. We would love to hear from you.

Psst: We may need some time to set up the update for this new connection. Your patience during this process is greatly appreciated.

The Qonto Team 💜