Qonto updates
Qonto updates

⌨️ Automate your operations with an enhanced API

The Qonto API is evolving! Automate even more of your banking operations with just a few lines of code, without having to use the web or mobile app. From accounting to invoicing and even cash management, the API is the ideal partner for all your operations.

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  • Discover our new filter function, to help you identify your transactions based on specific criteria.
  • Use the search mode to retrieve a transaction or a label based on its ID. No need to go through your transactions one by one.
  • Access new data: because more information = more automation.
  • Include multiple resources in one call to save time.

🤗 How does it work?

Setting up the Qonto API is easy!

  1. Within the Settings section of your account, visit the Integrations (API) menu, to retrieve your login and secret key.
  2. Then, all you have to do is experiment! To do so, explore our documentation to discover the possibilities offered by the API.

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