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Qonto updates

💳 Allocate cards to employees with confidence, by setting permissions on spending categories.

A sales representative needs to pay for business trips? A project manager needs to frequently buy material? Safely empower your employees with company funds by allocating cards with specific spending categories.

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🔍 What are the spending categories?

Set permissions by choosing among six spending categories, corresponding to your main business cases:

  • Food & Grocery: to buy food in supermarkets or bakeries for examples.
  • Restaurants & Bars: to pay in restaurants or order food online.
  • Transportation: to book train/airplane tickets or rent a car.
  • Hotels & Lodging: to book hotel rooms or short term accommodations.
  • Gas stations: to pay for fuel and station expenses.
  • Equipment & Tools: to purchase construction equipment, office supplies or any other type of equipment.

🤓 How does it work?

  1. Go to your Cards section and create a card (physical or virtual).
  2. When setting the card’s parameters, activate the option Specific spending categories. You can select multiple categories. For example, you can authorize “Food & Groceries” and “Transportation”.
  3. Finalize the set up and validate.

Good to know: You can add or modify cards’ spending categories at anytime.

 To learn more, check our dedicated FAQ.

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