Qonto updates
Qonto updates

Delegate transfers without worrying about overspend

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Making transfers, adding supporting documents, checking your team’s requests…want to save precious time on these manual tasks? Delegate transfers to your teams leaders and most trusted employees, securely, thanks to customizable limits.

Set limits on the transfers your Managers can make and approve, per transaction and per month. Exceptional expense? Back to you for review and validation. Personalize their limits and permissions so that you can give autonomy to your Managers, with complete peace of mind.

🤓 How does it work?

Go to the Teams expenses section of your web interface, then go to the Team members tab:

  • Select a member to set his/her limits, or click on Invite a team member
  • Assign a Manager role to this member, if not already done, and activate the “Make transfers and review transfer requests” permission
  • Set the member’s limits, per transfer and per month

The Manager role and customizable limits and permissions are only available for Business and Enterprise plans.

See you soon,

Your Qonto team




🧾 Collect missing receipts, without effort

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Are you tired of chasing your employees for their receipts? Don't waste time and energy anymore, let us do this work, thanks to:

  • Effortless collection receipts with automatic reminders sent to team members with transactions without receipt
  • Better visibility of missing receipts: at a glance, view them from your History page and, as an Admin and Owner, receive a weekly summary

Save time, and concentrate on more valuable tasks!

🤓 How does it work?

  • As an Owner and Admin, every Friday, receive a weekly summary by email, with your company’s missing receipts. With one click, open the app and get a clear view of all transactions with missing receipts
  • As an Owner and Admin, Manager, and Employee with transactions without receipts attached, every week receive reminders to upload your receipts

👆 Weekly summary and reminders are activated by default, learn how to manage reminders.

Available for Owners, Admins, Managers, and Employees of Essential, Business, and Enterprise plans. Want to learn more? Read this article.

💡Quick reminder: in order to declare VAT, companies need to attach a valid receipt to each transaction.

See you soon,

Your Qonto Team




Navigating your Qonto app just got more intuitive

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For easier navigation, your new sidebar gives you even more intuitive access to features, without changing the way you use the application.

Access your most important features in one click, while benefiting from a clearer organisation for others. In addition, manage your account better with simplified settings categories.

Rest assured, you will still be able to enjoy your usual use of the application, as this new navigation bar is a continuation of the old one.

See you soon,

Your Qonto team




📂 Centralize, manage and pay your supplier invoices in Qonto


Do you spend hours sorting and paying your supplier invoices? Centralize all invoices and process them in a few clicks, all directly from your Qonto account.

  1. Automatically link your paid invoices to the right transactions in your history
  2. Important information is automatically extracted from your outstanding invoices, so you can see all your due payments at a glance, helping you pay your suppliers at the right time

So long receipts hunting, goodbye manual invoices processing. 👋

🤓 How does it work?

Go to the Bookkeeping section of your web interface, then go to the Supplier Invoices section:

  • Import your supplier invoices to Qonto from your computer, mailbox, Google Drive or Dropbox folders
  • Retrieve all your receipts and paid invoices in the Paid tab, and automatically attached to the right transaction in your History
  • Visualize all your outstanding invoices in the To review tab, sorted by addition date.
  • See all your pending invoices and due payments at a glance in the To Paid tab, and save precious time preparing your payments thanks to pre-filled transfer forms.

💡 A payment due today? Think about instant transfers!

Import your first invoice in the Supplier invoice section to start streamlining your invoices management process with Qonto! Want to know more? Just read this article in our help center.

See you soon,

Your Qonto team

Available for Owners and Admins of Smart, Premium, Essential, Business and Enterprise plans, only from desktop.




Pilot your finances your way, directly in Google Sheets

Google Sheets - EN demo.gif

Regularly importing your Qonto transactions into a spreadsheet? Refine your financial analysis or make long-term forecasts as you like: your Qonto transactions are synchronized with Google Sheets.

No more risk of human error in the manual import of your cash inflows and outflows in your dataset. Set your mind at ease to manage your financial performance even more effectively.

Once the integration is Connected, a Qonto Connect spreadsheet will be created in your root folder, with a tab synchronizing your transactions once a day.

🤓 How does it work?

  1. From your computer, visit the Connect section
  2. Click on the Cash flow management category, then on Google Sheets
  3. Simply click on Connect at the top right of your screen, and select the Google account you wish to use to sync your transactions
  4. Your transactions are now automatically duplicated from Qonto into a spreadsheet

This integration is available for our Smart, Premium, Essential, Business and Enterprise plans. Want to learn more about this integration? We will guide you step by step here.

💡 Keep an eye on your finances with simple and customizable charts also directly in your web app by clicking in the Advanced section of the left-hand side menu of your screen, and on Dashboard.

See you soon,

Your Qonto Team




Customize permissions for each Manager and stay in control, under your terms


Want to save even more time thanks to Qonto? Delegate operational financial tasks to your most trusted employees with your eyes closed. Decide what each Manager can see and do on Qonto thanks to the new version of the Manager role.

Customize each Manager’s permissions with more granularity, according to your needs. Depending on how much you want to delegate and their role in the company, define the scope of permissions for each Manager.

For team leaders, select the Team scope so they can create cards or invite members, for instance - within their team only. For office managers, select the Whole company scope, to allow them permissions on all members and accounts of the company.

🤓 How does it work?

💡 Start by creating your teams on Qonto, as each Manager needs to be assigned to a team.

On the navigation menu, open the Settings & Teams section and invite a team member.

  1. Select the Manager role.

  2. Define the scope of permissions for this Manager: their assigned Team or the Whole company.

  3. Configure their access and rights accordingly.

Want to learn more about Manager permissions? Go to our dedicated FAQ page.

Available on Business and Enterprise plans

See you soon!

The Qonto team




Make informed decisions on the go with your mobile Dashboard


Whether you are shopping for equipment in a store or negotiating at your suppliers office, make quick and confident decisions by accessing your real time financial data on your smartphone. Anywhere. Anytime.

🤓 How does it work?

We have adapted the dashboard from your web interface to your smartphone, while keeping all the valuable insights. It allows you to view your incomes and expenses in real time, via simple and customizable charts.

In your mobile app, tap on More at the bottom of your screen, then on Dashboard.

You can tap on your first four charts to access more detail, and change the time period you want to analyze.

To learn more about cash flow monitoring, take a look at our dedicated dashboard FAQ section.

See you soon,

The Qonto team

The dashboard is available for all plans, for Owners, Admins, and is visible to Accountants.




Invoicing, directly from your Qonto account


What if you could make getting paid by your clients a smoother process? If you could manage invoices quicker, with fewer tools and spreadsheets. If you could get paid sooner. Access easy, effective invoicing directly from your Qonto account.

Create and send professional and customized invoices in a few clicks. Save time with automated status tracking. Receive payments in a flash thanks to instant SEPA transfers to optimize your cash flow.

How does it work?

On the navigation menu, open the Invoicing section to create your first invoice in minutes.

  1. Customize it with your logo, add client details and any other relevant information.
  2. Craft a personalized message and click Send. Your clients will receive a custom link with all your payment details to ensure a smooth experience.
  3. Automatic tracking helps you keep an eye on any customer payment at any time.

See you soon!

The Qonto team

This feature is available for companies registered in France, Germany and Spain only.

Italian users, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! 🇮🇹 We’re working on a tailor-made solution that complies with Italian-specific regulations on invoicing.

Unlimited invoices are available from the Smart plan, for Owners and Admins of the accounts.




Identify business opportunities with the new dashboard filters

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Looking to identify your best customers per industry, or even country, so you can go after prospects with similar profiles? Build in-depth analysis of your transaction types in just a few clicks. With your dashboard’s new filters, the most important information is accessible at a glance.

🤓 How does it work?

Filters work for the Inflows, Outflows, Inflows by and Outflows by charts. They follow the same logic as your transaction history filters.

  • For each one, click on the small gray filter icon at the top right of their section.
  • Select and link the criteria you want to associate or compare, depending on the question you have. To compare customers from the same industry, in order to know which one brings you the most money in the car industry for example, you will use the criteria "source", and "industry", in case you have created the latter via a custom label.
  • Click on Apply
  • Analyze and act

Need a concrete and detailed example? Go to our dedicated FAQ page.

Take matters into your own hands and discover new business and cost reduction opportunities!

Available for Solo Smart, Solo Premium, Team Business, Team Enterprise, for Owners, Admins and Accountants. Accessible from the web interface.




Make your transfers in the blink of an eye

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Initiating transfers from your web application is even more fluid than before. Do you need to add a receipt or to notify the beneficiary? Activate these options with one click, and off you go. And if you just want to send money, get straight to the point and initiate your transfer in a few clicks.

Everything is more intuitive, to make it easier and save you time. And in case you're wondering, transfer options will remain the same as before.

🤓 How does it work?

Transfers still are available in the Essentials section of the menu, on the left side of your screen.

Available for all plans, for Owners, Admins, and Managers, from the web interface