Qonto updates
Qonto updates

πŸŽ‰ Cashing a check has never been so easy!

Do you sometimes receive checks? If this is the case, we have prepared something that you might like! On the menu: shorter delays and the possibility to cash all your checks, while keeping it as reliable as before.

release_note_EN (1).gif

You can now cash-in checks of up to €15,000, with a maximum amount of €30,000 per 30 running-days.

Plus, if you happen to have a check of a higher amount, you can now deposit it through a specific procedure, so you will never be stuck with a check that you can't deposit.

And what about the delays? Your account will be credited within 5 calendar days for checks below €3,500, and within 14 days for all others, just so our team can make a few verifications to guarantee you a perfectly reliable experience.

πŸ€“ How does it work?

Exactly like before! To deposit a check, simply visit your Check deposit section on your web or mobile app. You only have to fill-in your check details and send it to the indicated address via mail. Simple, right?

Are you willing to know more about how to cash a check with Qonto? Then have a look at πŸ‘‰this article.

See you soon!

The Qonto Team

πŸ‡«πŸ‡· This feature is available for companies registered in France.

πŸ’³ A new and clearer system for your card limits

Do you own a Qonto card? No need to rack your brains to remember where you stand on your spending, as from this Saturday, May 1st, payment and withdrawal limits will be automatically reset every 1st of the month.


Keep an eye on your payments and withdrawals, in real time, for better day-to-day management! This change is visible in your favourite mobile app, in the settings of each card.

Admins, plan and manage your employees' monthly budgets in record time, with even more ease.

πŸ€“ How does it work?

Starting this Saturday, May 1st, all Qonto cards, physical or virtual, will benefit from this new change. You don't have to do anything! In case you want to change your cards limits, go to the Card section of your web or mobile app and select the relevant card.

🀫 Pssst, did you know that you can order virtual cards for free? They allow you to pay for both online and in physical stores, with Google Pay and Apple Pay!

See you soon,

The Qonto team

🏦 Transfer your other accounts to Qonto with ease

Are you a new Qonto user still in the process of transferring your previous bank account? Or perhaps you love how simple and flexible Qonto is, but you also have an account with another bank, and the idea of transferring your account to Qonto seems so daunting.


It’s your lucky day! Centralize your financial management at Qonto, all while taking advantage of the first-ever account transfer service for professionals, for an efficient, stress-free transition. In a few clicks, you get a comprehensive plan to transfer your account. Plus, you stay in control of your transition from a personalized dashboard. We will then support you every step of the way, up to the closure of your previous account.

As an added bonus, the service is free for all our users, totally secure and compatible with more than 165 banks!

πŸ€“ How does it work?

This feature is available for all users in France, and is coming soon to other countries. 🀫

Open your Settings in your web application, then click the Account transfer tab. You can also access it directly from here.

To start, you will be invited to sync your previous bank account with Qonto. This will enable us to provide you a customized transition plan based on your transactions: Qonto will analyze your direct debit mandates, identify all your clients who will need to be notified of the switch, and help you add all your new beneficiaries.

A dedicated advisor will provide assistance at every stage of your transition. You can monitor your progress at any time from your personalized dashboard.

With all this valuable time saved, you will be able to focus on what really matters: your business!

Speak to you very soon,

The Qonto team

Available for all Admins and Account holders in France.

πŸ₯š Go egg-hunting in your Qonto app!

To celebrate Easter and its delicious chocolates, we've secretly hidden a small Easter egg in your Qonto app. Do you think you can find it? Explore the different pages of your app to discover the hidden surprise!

ezgif.com-gif-maker (23).gif

One small clue to put you on the right track: the key is to search the egg πŸ”πŸ₯š

Happy Easter to you!

The Qonto Team

πŸ’‘ Open temporary multi-accounts for your projects

Have you heard of multi-accounts? With their own unique IBAN, these accounts help you keep your expenditures and activities separate or even assign budgets to your teams.


Until recently, these multi-accounts were permanent. Now, you can create a temporary account in just a few clicks and close it just as quickly when you no longer have a use for it.

How can this help you in practical terms? If you are launching a major project in the coming months, create an account specially for this operation and keep it separate from the rest of your activity. Allocate a budget for the project, monitor its expenses or even provide your project team members with payment cards associated with the account. Once the project is complete, simply close the account (and do it all again for your next big undertaking)!

πŸ€“ How does it work?

If you have a Standard or Premium account, simply go to the Accounts section of your app and click on Create new account. That’s it; you can start using it immediately! For example, you can order cards or deposit money into the account.

When you no longer have any use for the account, go back to your Accounts section, open the menu for the account and click on Delete.

Do you have a Solo account but still want to separate your expenses? There’s no denying it: multi-accounts are the best solution. Switch to a Standard or Premium account to access this feature. You won’t regret it!

Available on Standard and Premium plans, for Account Holders and Admins.

πŸ–± Identify any transactions missing a label, with a single click

Are you familiar with our custom labels? If yes, we have good news; if not, now is your chance to discover a powerful tool for analyzing your finances.

EN_labels (1).gif

You can use custom labels to organize your transactions into categories that you define. This will help you to analyze your accounting and monitor your expenses by team or by project.

To simplify this classification process even further, we recently added an option that enables you to identify, in a single click, any transactions still in need of a label. Rather than sift through your transactions one by one, you can save time when looking for any unclassified transaction. This should make organizing your finances that much easier!

πŸ€“ How does it work?

It is available to all Qonto users. Simply go to your web application and complete the following steps:

  1. If you haven’t already, start by creating your own custom labels from your Settings page, under the Custom labels tab.
  2. Once you have defined your labels, open your transaction History.
  3. Click on the button More filters to view all the categories you have defined. Click to open the drop-down menu and select the Missing label option.

You will then see a full list of all your transactions for which no label has been assigned. All you need to do now is sort them.

We are thrilled to be able to help you keep your finances in order, and we hope you find this tool helpful!

Until next time,

The Qonto team

πŸ–₯ Create a transfer in a flash from your web browser

Do you initiate transfers on Qonto on a regular basis? We love saving you time! Let's introduce you to our new productivity hack.


Try it out: type qonto.new into your web browser. You no longer need to open the web app and look for the right section in the menu. With this simple step, you can create a transfer in the SEPA Zone instantly from your Qonto application. Like magic!

πŸ€“ How does it work?

If you're an Admin or an Owner on Qonto, simply type qonto.new into the search bar of your preferred web browser and press Enter.

This will take you directly to the web app page that enables you to initiate a transfer in the SEPA zone. Of course, because your security is important to us, you will still need to enter your username and password to log in as you normally would.

Do you like tools that enhance productivity? So does Qonto! Keep an eye out for all the other tips we are preparing to help you save time all while enjoying the best experience possible.

Speak to you very soon,

The Qonto team

Available in all countries and for all plans, limited to Admins and Owners.

Pay contactless in seconds with Google Pay

Android users, it's your turn! You can now use Google Pay with all your physical and virtual cards. Using Google Pay with Qonto is the fastest and safest way to execute your business transactions without physical card contact! Just grab your favorite devices, and enjoy a modern, fast payment experience. HEADWAY_Gifmaker2.gif

πŸ€“ How does it work?

Start by updating your Qonto mobile app with the latest version available. Then, the set-up only takes a few clicks from your Android device. Add your card to Google Pay from the Cards section of your Qonto mobile app or from the Google Pay app.

You can also start the card set-up from your desktop on pay.google.com, but you will still need to finalize it in the Google Pay app from an Android device.

There you go. Google Pay is set up: you can now pay with your device in-store or online as soon as you spot the Google Pay or Contactless symbols.

And for those who are curious, we listed the reasons why you should use Google Pay in your everyday life. Check it out!

See you soon,

The Qonto Team

πŸ‘€ Analyze the activity of your multiple accounts at a glance

Do you need to get an overview of the state of your multiple accounts? Now it's possible, from the Dashboard section of your app.

Release note Aggregated dashboard-EN.gif

We've just added the possibility for you to access an aggregated view of all of your multiple accounts, so you can visualize at a glance the state of your finances. Thanks to the charts and tables, go through the evolution of your balance, identify your latest transactions or get a summary of your incomes and outcomes.

This should help you keep control over your finances at all times!

πŸ€“ How does it work?

Do you have a Standard or Premium account? You can easily create multiple accounts from the Account section of your app. Then, to analyze the state of your finances rapidly, visit the Dashboard section and select the option All accounts at the top left corner of your screen. This will display the aggregated information of all your multiple accounts. Of course, you can also choose to look at your accounts separately.

Do you have a Solo plan and feel that multiple accounts could help you organize your finances? You're right, it's the best way to split your expenses, your activities and allocate budget to your teams. Don't hesitate to upgrade your account to a Standard or Premium plan to access this feature, as well as multiple others that will make your life much easier.

With this new possibility, we hope that controlling your finances has never been so straightforward!

See you soon,

The Qonto Team

⌨️ Automate your operations with an enhanced API

The Qonto API is evolving! Automate even more of your banking operations with just a few lines of code, without having to use the web or mobile app. From accounting to invoicing and even cash management, the API is the ideal partner for all your operations.

API improvements@2.png

  • Discover our new filter function, to help you identify your transactions based on specific criteria.
  • Use the search mode to retrieve a transaction or a label based on its ID. No need to go through your transactions one by one.
  • Access new data: because more information = more automation.
  • Include multiple resources in one call to save time.

πŸ€— How does it work?

Setting up the Qonto API is easy!

  1. Within the Settings section of your account, visit the Integrations (API) menu, to retrieve your login and secret key.
  2. Then, all you have to do is experiment! To do so, explore our documentation to discover the possibilities offered by the API.

Interested about the API ? Do you wish to be the first to find out about the latest API improvements and tools for developers? πŸ‘‰ It's right here.

Your Qonto Team